Joliet West Class of 1969
50th Reunion

Hello, Class of '69 Tigers!

We're still getting compliments on the reunion, and still basking in the great memories of the time we shared that weekend.
And yes, we are still at work on various projects!

We will be publishing a list of the names of all those who attended the event.

We will also be publishing our decision about the dissemination of contact information.

And we will be publishing information about a future dedication of a plaque to be placed on our 1969 class gift to Joliet West,
the Tiger sculpture, stating that it was a gift from us and dedicating the plaque in honor of our 50th class reunion.

And sadly, we have lost 6 more class members since the reunion - January 2020 was not kind to us.
But we are having a special sympathy card printed
that will be sent to these classmates' families from the Class of '69. 
So please keep us informed if you know of a classmate who has passed away
so that we can mail the card or take it to the wake.
Thank you.

So stay tuned for more updates!



Welcome to the Joliet West Class of 1969 Fiftieth Reunion Website!


Our 50th Class Reunion is now history!!!

It was a wonderful, busy, exciting, exhausting, successful weekend!

 But we're not done yet! 


The links for the Drew Dzurko Photography photos are now available
on the Reunion Photographs and Links page.

Thank you to Phil Pasteris for organizing these!


You may download these photos for your own enjoyment.
A suggestion?  Save them to your Reunion gift thumb drive!


Watch our Facebook page for other updates.





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