Joliet West Class of 1969
50th Reunion


Here is an UPDATED list of the classmates for whom we have no contact information.
We are hoping that by listing them here, the rest of you may know of their whereabouts
and either have them contact us at or that you can provide contact information for them.

All information is kept confidential.

We've sent out the "Save the Date" flyers, but we'd like to get as many more as possible
before we send out the formal invitations later.


Updated 5-17-19


Joann Albright

Mary Ann Alexander

Elizabeth Alstott

Chuck Barber

Linda Barnes


Karen Barniville

Ann Benson

Steve Bowler

Daryel Bouchard

Ron Brown

Nancy Burkhardt

Carl Cannon

Betty Carter

Terry Cassidy

Catherine Clemons

Sandra Collins

Michelle Cooper

Vickie Curtis

Claire DeMik Potochnik

Diane Dibble

JoAnn DiDesiderio

Jeannette Dixon

Ida Dougherty

Mary Drew

Jim Dunn

Debra Erdman

Judy Fondriest

Brenda Fornash

Debra Fortenberry

Debra Fox

Glenna Fox

Robert Fox

Carmen Fron

Diana Fugett

Joan Hartman

Phyllis Herron

Sandra Herron

Gerald Hickman

Lynn Hofer

Larry Hoffman

Linda House

Jeanie Houseknecht

Joy Hubert

Janice Hughey

Denise Jerbi

Cheryl Johnson

Sue Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Sheryl Johnson

Terry Kasten

John Keagle

Jim Keenan

Kris Kemp

Joann Kershaw

Robert Kielian

Mary King

Marie Knighton

Susan Kunis

Fannie Lewis

Nancy Lock

Paul Logan

Pat Lutz

Jerry Mabry

Laurie Martis

Kathi Mayer

Gary McLeod

Pat McReynolds

Don Meadors

Joyce Merriman

Dennis Meyer

Ann Minarich

Lonnie Moore


Andrea Nedelsky


Steve Nester

Jan Nichols

Shirley Nicholson

Joel Nix

Linda Norton

Charles Novak

Andrea Olznoi

Emil Ott

Steve Palmer

Barb Passas

Jerry Paul

Susan Pearson

Lila Perry

Jerry Peters

Ken Phelps

Terri Piper

Pat Reid

Debbie Riggins

Joyce Riley

Barry Roberts

Pam Roberts

Larry Robinson

Peter Rollert

Mary Rossi

Pat Roushar

Ray Rowe

Debbie Sayers

Penny Schlueter

Jeanie Schroeder

Roxanne Sefcik

Dave Smith

Art Stine

Nancy Sula

Gerry Suste

Vickie Thomas

Vickie Vail

Ron Vaughn

Paulette Viano

Doug Voss


Ken Watson

Sheila Welch

Wendy Wells

Bertha White

Carol White

Lauren Wicevic

Barb Wilkinson

Nina Wilson

Scott Wilson

Debbie Zahm







A huge thank you to Deborah Case for maintaining this list for us!